About GKC

About Us

To start off my name is Gabriella Katherine Cuesta. GKC Couture is about a young entrepreneur who believes in the natural gift and talents of today’s women. Someone who enjoys showing other women how not to be afraid of their uniqueness. To take risks and display confidence. Not only for themselves but for others to see their beauty reflected in the external. As the creator, my mission is making clothes that reflect who you really are in a style that is as unique as you are. We need to believe that we can do anything if we have a positive attitude in what we love to do in life. Find something that gets your heart racing to get out of bed every morning and start your dreams. I am hoping that what I have started to become shows others that they have potential as well to do anything they want. We only live once; why not take that chance.

I have so many styles that I just want to combine it all into one. There are times where I will get all dolled up and look classy. A girl should be two things classy and fabulous that is what we girls need to represent. I have a little bit of street style as well and it only gets better from there. Don’t all of us girls love to dress sexy and fierce at times? no girl can deny it. You don’t have to over expose yourself to feel or look sexy, you just need the right touch. With my touch of style I will teach you all of my secrets and you will fall in love with the looks as much as yourself. In order to do that you need to be confident in yourself and just have fun!