Bal Harbour Shops

Hey Dolls well as you know last weekend I went to Bal Harbour Shops for the first time ever. I have been wanting to go there even before hand but you know me busy busy. I decided to explore tody because of a project I had for College. Which was to go into the store I choosed was Salvatore Ferragmo and see what is in for the season. I felt so welcomed and they were just giving me tips also the company background. I enjoying going in that day and I suggest everyone goes shop there.

I went into a few other stores that honestly blew my mind away. Especially the place wear I tried on this $800 necklace from Calypso. This place was unbelieveable and when you see the necklace you’ll want one as well because I know I did. Don’t forget to explore new stores and ones you already know. You need to get a grasp of what they are selling this season and the new trends.

I hope you guys enjoy my outfit I felt like being very daring that day. As soon as you see my outfit you will know what I am talking about. Enjoy my look and I will list below where I got everything from.

Top: forever21
Shorts :
Bag: Forever21




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