Cinderella Cinderella









Today’s #SophisticatedSunday outfit felt so magical in my opinion. My sisters and all my friends were just letting me know every second I looked like Cinderella. The top that I am wearing an original GKC Couture top which goes with a skirt if you are interested. It’s limited edition so get it quick before someone takes it.
I decided to wear my beautiful Cinderella Skirt my twin sister gave me from a store in California. She knows me to well and yes I have a twin don’t forget that. My favorite heels from London of course are my ‘Jessi Heels’ from Public Desire.

I really loved my outfit today especially because my twin Karol decided to wear something similar. We had a little photoshoot to show our differences. You can definitely tell who’s who by now and if you can’t then get to know us a little better on my page. She’s the photographer and I am the fashionista. We go well together can’t you tell. She’s the straw to my berry, how cheesy is that?

Want to know more about my sister and I then just check out my Instagram page and her photography skills. You will want to book here for a photoshoot and me for styling and make up tricks.

Skirt: A store in Cali ( I’ll find out)
Heels: Public desire
Purse: HM

Have A Couture Day


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