Danger Danger


How do you feel when you’re wearing leather? I feel dangerous and cocky if I do say so myself lol. Don’t worry I’m not that cocky trust me I just love looking over the top. Today was a comfortable #SophisticatedSunday. One that you can relax and take a breather. Especially since I was in a hurry you need to think about your choices quick in the morning. At the end I loved the way my look came out.

In a leather jacket you feel confident in who you are. Feel like that everyday and don’t let others stop you from trying new things.

My jacket is from steps which is a store in pembroke gardens, my long t-shirt is from cotton on, jeans are from American eagle , and can you believe my booties are from Forever21. Don’t ever regret shopping there because I don’t anymore you need shop savy and this has to be the best place yet. All the upcoming trends are in this store.

Yours Truly,



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