Dominican Curls

Since today is #DominicanThursdays I decided I wanted to show you guys my Dominican Side. You know there was a point in your life you could not stand your crazy Dominican Curls. Am I right? So what did you do HUH? You straightened your curls to the point where your curls just completely went away. If you want to learn how to fix your luscious curls that you’ve damaged thepight out the years I’ll tell you my little secrets.

What I did at first was a treatment in my Dominican Salon here in Pembroke Pines, Florida called New Trends. I honestly love what they did after I did the treatment then I started to use a diffuser which attaches to my blowdryer. I fell in love with this technique because my curls started to get bigger and healtier. I did not use Gel anymore gel is a NO NO GIRLS! Put it down and buy some leave-In-conditioner from Garnier it is perfection and very affordable. These techniques saved my curls.

On top of that you can still straighten your hair just when the lady does your hair just make sure she doesn’t straighten your ends. Leave them wavy they will look beautiful and your hair will have a bit volume. Do not forget to cut those ends as well because if not your hair will not grow. Your hair will grow back DONT BE AFRAID.

Well there’s the secrets girls I have been through a lot with my crazy mane but I am glad it’s back. When you do all these Dominican Steps you will fall in love with your curls again.

Have a couture day #GKCGALS!




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