Feeling Baggie: Comfortable in your own skin



Photographer: Rachel Calvelli

Find Jumpsuit @ Simplicity In Mind




This definitely one of my favorite jumpsuits that owner Rachel Calvelli has in her shop currently. I have never felt so comfortable in a jumpsuit, its perfect for girls who love that baggie hippie feel in there wardrobe. The best way to wear this combination is to feel comfortable and relaxed. Just to add a bit of flare get your favorite circled sunnies for some Hippie vibes.


I always used to think that I needed to wear tight clothes to feel stylish but honestly anything works. You need to feel comfortable in your own skin even if you think others won’t like it at all. We have put this thought in our minds that just because every celebrity or artist wears this outfit we need to wear it too, but we are our own person. Remember that you wear what you love … just know if it’s tight or loose just be who you truly are.

Sunnies X Forever 21