Floral Mesh

As I start off my day I decided to wear one of my Mesh shirts from my store. I thought it would compliment this skort I am wearing from one of my favorite boutiques called Lfstores. You can take a look at them online and on Instagram. I really love how unique and hippie their store is.
I really loved how I made my look today look calm with my Steve Madden shoes. Just normal sneakers can do the trick on making an outfit stand out. If you really liked my outfit don’t forget to get a peek at my BCBG clutch. It’s my favorite and I can’t wait to get more soon. The last thing I will leave you guys with is make your own statement and share with the world.

Check out an Instagram page called Dominican Bloggers I got featured on it today and I couldn’t believe it. I get such a relief getting featured on a page that’s when you know your doing something right. Work hard for what you love.

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