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Denim Jacket X Harley Davidson




When it comes to finding the best jean jackets, I know it can be a hard time searching for the right one. Especially when you want the right color, size or even texture and thats where I (GKC) am here to help. Sine Lately Jean Jackets are one of the number one trends this season , everyone is trying to find the best jacket for them and it doesn’t matter what brand it is either. All it matters is how you put the jacket together so that you end up looking like a million bucks, this is what our generation looks at remember that.

As I searched and searched for this jean jacket, I finally found it at a Biker shop located in Wynwood. They have a lot of vintage goods and I had to steal this one for myself. The patches actually came along with the jacket because it is from Harley Davidson shop so that was the best deal. This Jean Jacket was a bit oversized but this is how I want it to wear it off my shoulder or even button up to pair it with my favorite shorts. As you see in the pictures above I decided to pair them with a black dress and jean heels from http://Chiffino.com . I hope you guys enjoy this combination and find the right jean jacket for you.

I decided to pair up with my photographer Gabby and help her advertise these beautiful pop off sunglasses from The FHone Company. If you’re looking for the ones I am wearing on their website they are called Harry Clip ons. Try them out you won’t regret it because if I could I would by them in a second.


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