Hot Summer Weather = WEAR COTTON



Photo By Rachel Calvelli


Clothes By Simplicity In Mind

Sunglasses : Forever 21



Welcome Back GKC Gals!

During the time I was shooting this lovely outfit by favorite store here in West Palm Beach called Simplicity In Mind, I realized how hot it was while we were shooting this look right across the street. I put this outfit together not realizing that its all about wearing COTTONS during this hot summer we were having. I kid you not Florida gets hotter day by day lol but besides that remember sometimes its fine to wear baggy clothing so you don’t sweat your booty off.  Feeling comfortable is always the best way to go and even no bra is comfortable to since you’re feeling all sticky.

I am obsessed with this stop I am wearing because you can actually wear it two different ways. In the back you can wear it if you want more full coverage in the front of your cleavage area. Don’t you just love getting to find new ways to wear the same shirt because I do it all the time my friends can vouch for me with this one. They see me come with DIY tops all the time like one of my last blogs I did. On to these wide leg pants ughhh aren’t they just perfect honestly, I suggest wear them with sandals since everything is already pretty much flowy and comfortable. Lastly, to add a bit of sass to your look get yourself a pair of these circle sunnies from forever 21. They’ll go perfect with your looks, see you in my next post.

Have a Couture Day,