Lace Bodysuits & Flared 80’s Jeans


Photo By Rachel Calvelli


Clothes By Simplicity In Mind

Top: Gwendoline BodySuit

Jeans: WildHeart Flared Denim

The best combination a girl can wear thats trending is a lace bodysuit with your favorite pair of jeans. I choose these flared 80’s jeans because they are back in style whether you are short or tall. You can wear them baggy or classy which ever you prefer. For short girls sometimes you can play around with the jeans since we are short , for me I love wearing higher boots or even heels to complaint my look. Don’t get me started on how comfortable these jeans from Unpublished are and they fit just right as always.

Now as for this lovely bodysuit they are so easy for on the go occasions since you can wear it to a night out with the girls for a more sexy appeal or dress it a bit down the way I decided to.

Try this look out for a change and you’ll see how sassy and confident you feel especially because the jeans give your booty a lil pop you won’t ever want to take them off.

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