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Every year everyone has different New Years Resoultions to better themselves. I wonder if people actually go through with what they tell me themselves every year and so on…

I do want things to be excited this year but why not push to your goals every day instead of making a promise to yourself every Jan 1st. I will tell you guys my new year resolutions but only because I love you guys and want to make you happy.

Gaby’s New Years Resoultions:

1. Flourish in my relationship with God

2. Become more power driven

3. Flourish in my company

4. Revamp my company

5. Stop thinking about other people’s succes you have yours to worry about

6.  Be daring in my work

7. Plan better

8. Take responsibility

9. Blog more ‘lol’

10. Be motivated

I have many more to list but I wanted you guys to get my top ten resolutions. You’ll wonder why number #1 is my top priority well because without him I can’t accomplish anything.

I finally wore my H&M X Balmain Dress that I’ve been waiting 4 months to wear. It was worth the wait because my make up was poppin and I made another make video so check it out on my IG page @gkccouture_. If you’re asking about my heels they are from public desire  and they are having an amazing sale rush there now.

Have A Couture Day,



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