Redoma 2017 ( Levanta Tu Voz ) * Lift up your voice *

Women’s Conference

Photographer : Peter

Clothing By: Simplicity In Mind X JustFab




Hey Babes! Just to start off I want to explain that every year my church called Segadores De Vida , show cases a women conference every year. There is a theme that our Pastora Vanessa Cruz and her team comes up with to keep the event going, this year it’s called Levanta Tu Voz which means to Lift up your voice. During this event we have singers, other women speakers and workshops to attend too. This is the perfect event to bring your mom or daughter so she can understand what God has planned for their life.

Since you got a little bit of details on this event , now I’m going to explain what I was doing. I decided I am going to use the gift God gave me for an even bigger purpose which was to do make up professionally to honor him. This is one of my passions and I love getting the chance to make other girls feel beautiful about themselves. This is always a great experience for me every year and I can’t wait to see what next year has to offer. Since I have been doing makeup professionally for two year now I am going to start my own online classes for you guys. I have already set the date and I will be sharing it very soon. Hope you guys can support me!

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Have A Couture Day,


Natural Makeup Look

Model : Karla Gomez