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I wanted to catch you guys up with this event that I went to this past weekend. Basically to start off its a women’s conference called Redoma that happens every year at my church called Segadores de Vida. This event is very impacting and is themed every year like this year it was called Para Un Tiempo Como Este ( For a time like this ) which we went all Out to dress like a Gala or prom.

What girl doesn’t love dress up and feel like a goddess. But it wasn’t just about that, it was a life changing experience with you and God. You are worthy of his love even with all your faults. He says clearly in Song of Solomon 4:7 , ” You are altogether beautiful, my love; there is no flaw in you.” How amazing is that he thinks we are gorgeous and that we have no flaws when others think we do. I hope this speaks to you very clearly my GKC Gals you are BEAUTIFUL IN HIS NAME!

Other things I experienced during this time was doing people’s makeup for this special event. It was my first time doing it professionally and this a hobby I love doing on my spare time. I am glad to be invited by Karla and her sister Anyo who really believed in me to do this you guys made this event unforgettable. Especially Vanessa the one who’s in charge of it all I love you and your mom would be proud.

Lastly, I want to tell you guys what I’m wearing because that’s what every girl loves to do during this event, DRESSUP! I am wearing a longsleeve floral dress from a store called Zara which is very famous in Spain. My shoes I thought would be great with a soft beige touch so the dress can pop out more. The statement of this whole outfit has to be what I call the Beyonce Pony tail from one of her events that a Dominican Hairstylist did at Redoma. Thanks for completing my look with this style. With all of this the make up of this look had to be sweet and soft which I love how light it felt on my face. I did it myself of course so if you want to know what I used just comment down below.

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    May 17, 2016 / 10:13 pm

    Very elegant and classic! Congratulations my dear Gaby..

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