Romper of all trades


Classic Styles X Street Style

Photographer : Rachel Calvelli

Clothing by Simplicity In Mind X Top Shop




New Merchandise arrival at Simplicity In Mind!

Never loved a store more then this one, every time Rachel gets a new pair of clothing I always have an urge to shoot with a few pieces. I decided to dedicate this post to wearing this romper & jumper two different ways for any occasion. Sometimes you have to get stylish when it comes to putting together a romper, this look is perfect for a night out. Style your hair up so the attention is focused more on your outfit. Next, we have my favorite jumpsuit which I decided to add a bit of edge. This look is more street style for others who prefer to feel casual walking down the hot streets of Miami. To get even more comfortable just put on your favorite stylish shoes from Zara.

Try changing your looks a bit and just make them your own!

Have A Couture Day,