Transitioning to Spring




Photographer X Leah De Tommaso

Here’s to spring just being around the corner and the change of my style that will be coming along with it. A lot of changes will be happening this spring along with my business, blog, instagram and more for you guys to enjoy. I want you guys to know I do this all for you and change is always good to get the ball rolling again. I want to flourish this year for myself and parents because I have a lot to offer .. we can not let our talents go to waste so lets make some change.

We need to be a better for us even if it’s small… this post is going to be all about transitioning in every way not just about clothing but way more than that.

A lot has been transitioning for me these past few months and it hasn’t been easy but I believe everything happens for a reason. Especially so that God can show us what is really missing in our lives whether it maybe to look to him, follow the dreams he has for you, stop looking to others even guys for that matter. All of this to say that transitioning and change is not always bad its good to see the better things in life. I am going to be very real in this post just to pour my heart out a little bit… I started not focusing on school and getting distracted with other things that weren’t going to help me succeed with my goals. For my mistake I had to switch schools in the same area which really hurt me because my university has changed me completley and on top of that I got into a car accident right in the middle of all of this.

Needless to say you can already tell A LOT was going on already in the beginning of this new year I even almost lost someone who was important to me because I decided to just think for myself. Don’t worry about others worry about YOU! Its you who is going to succeed its you who is going to make the change you want to come to life. Don’t let others influence you but regardless out all of this change has made me a better person.

Now what can you change to make your life better.

Have A Couture Day,