Valentines Day … Sweet & Sour


Happy Valentines Day!

Every year I’ve made it a habit to put together a Valentine’s Day Shoot for you guys to enjoy. I hope you appreciate the makeup, clothes and editing for this shoot. I want to dedicate this post to my twin sister Karolyna Cuesta because if it wasn’t for her these pictures wouldn’t of come to life. I love you very much and don’t forget how talented you are.

In times of worry we need to remember that we are loved by the most high and we are his true princesses. There are a couple of reasons why I enjoy Valentines Day….

It shows me how much I really should love others because in 1 John 4:19 its says ” We loved because he first loved us. ” This verse really helps me understand how much love I need to bring to the table and especially how special today is.

My parents anniversary is on Feb 14th … they’ve been married for 23 years and I can never be happier to see what truly love means while I see them together.

Last but not least, it shows me how much i need to love myself.


Their sweet but than their sour…………

Valentines Day isn’t over until I say its over!

We all need to remember we need to be confident always especially if on this day your single and don’t get flowers, chocolates and all the works. Remember to just treat yourself on this day and fully show yourself how much you really matter. Treat yourself like a princess because God has made you one and a unique one at that. Who is going to love you more than God on this day and yourself for that matter.

For this shoot I decided the concept would be monochromatic which pretty much everything is the same color, like the shoes, dresses, makeup etc.


Have A Couture Day!