Vintage Corsets & Vans





| Vintage Corests & Vans |

Photographer: @JasnoBrooks

Coming into this new year there are many trends arising as we see one of them are Vintage Corsets from the 80’s. We see many trends coming back and i see this one is a huge hit! I wanted to show you guys the way I decided to put it together.

I wanted to go more with a dark sultry look and give it a bit of street style. In which i decided to pair my look with ripped up jeans, just to let you guys know these jeans took a year for them to rip like this. They were completly patched up and there was only two holes and look at them now ( lol ) . These American Eagle Jeans are my go to pants , there is not a brand i would rather wear since they fit so perfectly on my waist and ankles. I think American Eagle should let me sponsor them , don’t you think? Besides that I decided to pair my corset with vans to give it that street style look. I wanted to show you guys that it doesn’t matter how sensual a top may be you can still dress it down and wear it out even on your laziest days with your favorite pair of vans.

I wanted to make this blog short & simple for you until next post. Check out my photographer @JasanoBrooks without him these pictures wouldn’t of come to life the way you see them.

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