Wynwood Vibes

Well let’s see what was I doing at Wynwood??r I went to go check out some new clothes for my company in this comfty miami look. You have to always be comfortable while coming down here to Wynwood because it’s getting hotter and hotter as the day goes by.
I decided to wear a crop top from my company that i Just wanted to tie it in a knot and get a different look. If You want to do this to any simple shirt you have its NOT that hard. It makes your outfit stand out even more then it already does. Then I got my floral shorts at my favorite wholesale place but that’s a secret lol. Don’t forget my $13 sandals that I blogged about where to get them.
I had a good night when I took this picture I love strolling around these streets. I had Coyo Tacos for the first time ever and let me tell you it was delicious. There was nothing wrong about it. If you want to ever eat at an amazing place in Miami you better go here. I always want to keep you guys posted on everything I do. Hope all my GKC GALS have a couture day

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