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Since I am Dominican I wanted to share a little bit of something personal with you guys on this #DominicanThursday. I hope you enjoy my blog today and the pictures I will be posting.

If you really think about it most Dominican women have less in the front and more in the back. On top of that we are all short so our shape is obviously not perfect. People would always have side comments about me saying how I am to short or like you have no boobs. Like Yes it does hurt but i tend to brush it off my shoulders. I do love myself in every way possible but any girl thinks why can’t my body be this or why can’t my curls just stop. Guys will like me better if my hair is just straight like everyone else. Why can’t I just have a normal body but honestly what is a normal body? Everyone has there preferences you can still have a perfect body but someone will always have something to say.

There were times where I would be alone and think… Am I not appealing to the eye? Am I to skinny? Am I to small? Why can’t I just have more so people can pay attention to me? Can I just have surgery everywhere? Can i just change the color of my eyes? Why do I have to look like this? Why can’t I be perfect?

The question really is who’s perfect? Don’t change who you are because God mad you who you are today for a reason. I see no point in changing who I am anymore. I know my worth because God finally gave me that confidence to believe in myself. I like the way my Dominican Curves are and how bouncy and crazy my mane can get. There’s no other way I would have it. If you’re Dominican or any girl and you feel insecure, don’t worry about a thing because you are perfect just the way you are. You are what makes you Gaby, Hannah, Sarah, Raquel, Salome and the list goes on of names.

My names Gabriella Katherine Cuesta and I love my Dominican figure.

Have A Couture Day,


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